Project Description

Non-magnetic stabilizer is made from low carbon stainless steel researched by According to the requirements of contracts or agreements between supplier and customer, we can supply the finished non-magnetic stabilizer or blanks.

Replaceable sleeve Drilling stabilizer Integral Spiral blade Stabilizer are manufactured from one solid bar of AISI 4145H modified steel, usually have 3 blade or 4 blade. Professional heat-treatment process guarantees the mechanical strengths meet the requirements of API SPEC7-1. Hardness of 285-341HB can be assured both 1” beneath the outer surface and 4 quadrant across the neck OD.

Replaceable sleeve drilling stabilizer consists of mandrel and sleeve. The function is the same as spiral integral blade stabilizer. It can suit to different hole size and increase working life by changing the different size sleeve. The sleeve is threaded on the mandrel, so the sleeve can be fasten to the mandrel tightly and changed easily.


  1. Product:  API Oilfield Drilling Stabilizer
  2. Raw material: AISI 4145H MOD or non magnetic steel
  3. Types: Drill String type and Near bit type.
  4. Packing: anti-rust package, steel shelf with plastic bags
  5. Standard: API Spec 7-1 or SY/T5051-91 Standard.
  6. Stress Relief Groove(SRG) on connections, bored for float also available for your choice.