Project Description


The downhole motor performance test bench is a test device for testing the performance indicators of the downhole motor. The device tests various performance parameters of downhole motor, including: drilling tool output torque, output speed, output power, input power, circulating flow, inlet liquid pressure, outlet liquid pressure, inlet medium temperature, total efficiency, etc. The test bench can meet all the performance tests of downhole motors of various specifications, and provide accurate parameters for judging the manufacture, maintenance and field application of downhole motors.

Test principle

According to the actual working conditions of the downhole motor, the circulating fluid (drilling fluid) is sent by the ground reciprocating mud pump through the drill string to the downhole motor, and its displacement is relatively stable. The load at the output end of the downhole motor mainly includes when the bottom hole drill bit breaks the rock. The reaction torque formed, and the friction torque formed by the drilling pressure on the drill bit acting on the support bearing of the downhole motor. According to this working characteristic, the basic principle of downhole motor performance test can be put forward: input liquid to the inlet end of downhole motor through the circulation system, and under the premise of keeping the circulating liquid flow of downhole motor at a given value, pass the downhole motor Different torque loads are applied to the power output end of the motor to make the drilling tool work stably under different braking torques. The output torque T, output speed n, circulating flow rate Q, and inlet pressure of the drilling tool under different working conditions are tested. P1, drilling tool outlet pressure P2 and other parameters. After data processing and calculation, the characteristic parameter table and performance curve of downhole motor are obtained.