Downhole Motor Test Bench


Application The downhole motor performance test bench is a test device for testing the performance indicators of the downhole motor. The device tests various performance parameters of downhole motor, including: drilling tool output torque, output speed, output power, input power, circulating flow, inlet liquid pressure, outlet liquid pressure, inlet medium temperature, total efficiency, etc.

Downhole Motor Tester


Downhole motor tester is designed to test the seal performance of new and refurbished downhole motors in the workshop or at the rig site. It serves as a quick verification tool for new and refurbished downhole motor to ensure that it's within specification and in working order before operation in the rig. The tester consists of

Non-Magnetic Subs


Properties & Performance Oreqma non-magnetic materials are characterized by their outstanding properties and performance in the following areas: Non-magnetic properties Mechanical strength Endurance strength Pitting corrosion resistance Stress corrosion resistance Galling resistance Material Grades Oreqma offers many different grades of Non Magnetic material (P530, P550) to ensure the most appropriate material can be selected

Non-Magnetic Drill Collar


OREQMA Non-magnetic Drill Collars are made from Non-Magnetic steel bars with low-strength by combining a proper chemical analysis and rotary hammer forging process with low magnetic permeability excellent machine ability. It will not interfere with the specialized directional equipment and will enhance the performance of the drilling operation. The Non-magnetic drill collars function as

Hydraulic Bucking Unit


Hydraulic Make/Break Unit is important for make-up, break-out and maintenance of drilling tools and motors in both the workshop and drill sites. CZJ-I Hydraulic Make/Break Unit is designed and manufactured to cater to the needs of both China and overseas rig operators in the petroleum industry. The design was awarded the status of New High-Tech Product

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